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100 Years of Relativity: Space-time Structure Einstein And Beyond Abhay Ashtekar, 2005

60 Years of CERN Experiments and Discoveries (Advanced Series on Directions in High Energy Physics) Herwig Schopper; Luigi Di Lella (Autores, Editores), 2015

Benfords Law: Theory and Applications Steven J. Miller (Editor), 2015

Data Mining: Theories, Algorithms, and Examples (Human Factors and Ergonomics) Ye, Nong, 2013

Differential Geometry from Singularity Theory Viewpoint Shyuichi Izumiya, María del Carmen Romero Fuster, 2015

Elements of Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena (Oxford Graduate Texts) Reprint Edition Hidetoshi Nishimori, Gerardo Ortiz, 2015

Foundations of Crystallography with Computer Applications, Second Edition 2nd Edition Maureen M. Julian, 2014

From Strange Simplicity to Complex Familiarity: A Treatise on Matter, Information, Life and Thought Manfred Eigen, 2013

Introduction to Finite and Infinite Dimensional Lie (Super)algebras Neelacanta Sthanumoorthy, 2016

Ken Wilson Memorial Volume: Renormalization, Lattice Gauge Theory, the Operator Product Expansion and Quantum Fields Belal E. Baaquie; Kerson Huang; Michael E Peskin; KK Phua (Editores), 2015

Lectures on Quantum Mechanics 2nd Edition Steven Weinberg, 2015

Leptons and Quarks (Special Edition Commemorating the Discovery of the Higgs Boson) Lev B Okun, 2014

Mathematical Modeling in Diffraction Theory: Based on A Priori Information on the Analytical Properties of the Solution 1st Edition Alexander G. Kyurkchan, Nadezhda I. Smirnova, 2015

Nambu: A Foreteller of Modern Physics (World Scientific Series in 20th Century Physics) T Eguchi; M Y Han (Editores), 2014

Nonlinear Optical Cavity Dynamics: From Microresonators to Fiber Lasers Philippe Grelu, 2016

Nuclear Physics: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) Frank Close, 2015

Physical Models of Living Systems First Edition Edition Philip Nelson, 2014

Physics of Radiation and Climate Michael A. Box, Gail P. Box, 2015

Principles and Applications of Quantum Chemistry V.P. Gupta, 2015

Problems and Solutions in Quantum Physics Zbigniew Ficek, 2016

Pseudo-Complex General Relativity (FIAS Interdisciplinary Science Series) Peter O. Hess, Mirko Schafer, Walter Greiner, 2015

Quantum Optomechanics Warwick P. Bowen, Gerard J. Milburn, 2015

Quantum Physics for Beginners Zbigniew Ficek, 2016

Selected Papers of Chen Ning Yang II - With Commentaries Chen Ning Yang, 2013

Special Integrals of Gradshteyn and Ryzhik: the Proofs - Volume I (Monographs and Research Notes in Mathematics) Victor H. Moll, 2014

Special Integrals of Gradshteyn and Ryzhik: the Proofs - Volume II (Monographs and Research Notes in Mathematics) Victor H. Moll, 2015

Symmetry and Fundamental Physics : Tom Kibble At 80 Jerome Gauntlett (Author, Editor), 2014

Time Series Analysis: Forecasting and Control 5th Edition Box, George E. P., 2015

Understanding Our Unseen Reality: Solving Quantum Riddles Ruth E Kastner, 2015

Wave Optics: Basic Concepts and Contemporary Trends Subhasish Dutta Gupta, Nirmalya Ghosh, Ayan Banerjee, 2015

A College Course on Relativity and Cosmology Ta-Pei Cheng, 2015

A Concise Introduction to Geometric Numerical Integration (Monographs and Research Notes in Mathematics) Sergio Blanes, Fernando Casas, 2016

Abstract Algebra: Structures and Applications Lovett, Stephen, 2015

Algebraic Number Theory and Fermats Last Theorem, Fourth Edition 4th Edition Ian Stewart, David Tall, 2015

An Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics Pankaj Jain, 2015

An Introduction to Beam Physics (Series in High Energy Physics, Cosmology and Gravitation) Martin Berz, Kyoko Makino, Weishi Wan, 2014

An Introductory Course of Particle Physics Palash B. Pal, 2014

An Invitation to Knot Theory: Virtual and Classical Heather A. Dye, 2016

Applied Differential Equations: The Primary Course (Textbooks in Mathematics) Revised ed. Edition Vladimir A. Dobrushkin, 2014

Astrobiology: An Evolutionary Approach Vera M. Kolb (Editor), 2014

Atomic Force Microscopy in Nanobiology Kunio Takeyasu (Editor), 2014

Bioinspired Photonics: Optical Structures and Systems Inspired by Nature Viktoria Greanya, 2015

Bio-Inspired Wettability Surfaces: Developments in Micro- and Nanostructures Zheng Yongmei, Cheng Qunfeng, Hou Yongping, Yuan Chen (Editores), 2015

Brain Computation as Hierarchical Abstraction Dana H. Ballard, 2015

Calculus, Early Transcendentals Hardcover 2014 Sullivan, Michael, 2014

Cells, Forces, and the Microenvironment Charles M. Cuerrier, Andrew E. Pelling, 2015

Charged Particle Beams (Dover Books on Physics) Stanley Humphries Jr., 2013

Chern-Simons Theory, Matrix Models, and Topological Strings (The International Series of Monographs on Physics) Marcos Mariño, 2005

Combinatorics: Ancient & Modern Robin Wilson, John J. Watkins, 2015

Computational Approaches to Protein Dynamics: From Quantum to Coarse-Grained Methods (Series in Computational Biophysics) Monika Fuxreiter (Editor), 2014

Continuum Theory and Modeling of Thermoelectric Elements Christophe Goupil (Editor), 2016

Dark Matter: An Introduction Debasish Majumdar, 2014

Data Mining with R: Learning with Case Studies (Chapman & Hall/CRC Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series) 1st Edition Luis Torgo, 2010

Diagram Genus, Generators, and Applications (Monographs and Research Notes in Mathematics) Alexander Stoimenow, 2016

Differential Manifold: A Mathematical Approach for Experimental Physicists Paul Baillon, 2014

Electricity and Magnetism P.F. Kelly, 2014

Electromagnetic Boundary Problems (Electromagnetics, Wireless, Radar, and Microwaves) Edward F. Kuester, David C. Chang, 2015

Electroweak Interactions Luciano Maiani, 2015

Elements of Mechanics P.F. Kelly, 2014

Elements of Slow-Neutron Scattering: Basics, Techniques, and Applications J. M. Carpenter, C.-K. Loong, 2015

Excitons and Cooper Pairs: Two Composite Bosons in Many-Body Physics (Oxford Graduate Texts) Monique Combescot, Shiue-Yuan Shiau, 2016

Experimental Studies of Neutrino Oscillations Takaaki Kajita, 2016

Financial Mathematics: A Comprehensive Treatment (Chapman and Hall/CRC Financial Mathematics Series) 1st Edition Giuseppe Campolieti, Roman N. Makarov, 2014

Fractional Calculus View of Complexity: Tomorrows Science Bruce J. West, 2015

Fractional Calculus with Applications for Nuclear Reactor Dynamics Santanu Saha Ray, 2015

Functions of a Complex Variable Har/Psc Edition Hemant Kumar Pathak, Ravi Agarwal, Yeol Je Cho, 2015

Gallium Nitride (GaN): Physics, Devices, and Technology (Devices, Circuits, and Systems) Farid Medjdoub (Editor), 2015

Game Theory 4th Edition Owen, Guillermo, 2013

General Relativity: Basics and Beyond Ghanashyam Date, 2014

Handbook of Graph Theory, Combinatorial Optimization, and Algorithms (Chapman & Hall/CRC Computer and Information Science Series) Krishnaiyan, 2015

Inside the Photon: A Journey to Health Tony Fleming, Elizabeth Bauer, 2014

Introduction to Financial Mathematics (Advances in Applied Mathematics) Kevin J. Hastings, 2015

Introduction to Many-Body Physics Piers Coleman, 2016

Introduction to Number Theory, 2nd Edition (Textbooks in Mathematics) 2nd Edition Anthony Vazzana, David Garth, 2015

Introduction to Plasmonics: Advances and Applications Sabine Szunerits, Rabah Boukherroub (Editores), 2015

Introduction to Probability First Edition Mark Ward, Ellen Gundlach, 2015

Introductory Applied Quantum and Statistical Mechanics 1st Edition Peter L. Hagelstein, Stephen D. Senturia, Terry P. Orlando, 2004

Lectures on Electromagnetism (2nd Edition) Ashok Das, 2013

Line Integral Methods for Conservative Problems (Monographs and Research Notes in Mathematics) Luigi Brugnano (Author), Felice Iavernaro (Author), 2015

Linear Algebra, Geometry and Transformation (Textbooks in Mathematics) Bruce Solomon, 2014

Masers and Lasers, Second Edition: An Historical Approach 2nd Edition Mario Bertolotti, 2015

Measure and Integral: An Introduction to Real Analysis, Second Edition (Chapman & Hall/CRC Pure and Applied Mathematics) Wheeden, Richard L., 2015

Measurements and their Uncertainties: A practical guide to modern error analysis Ifan Hughes, Thomas Hase, 2010

Modern Atomic Physics Vasant Natarajan, 2015

Multiphysics and Multiscale Modeling: Techniques and Applications Young W. Kwon, 2015

Mutational Analysis: A Joint Framework for Cauchy Problems in and Beyond Vector Spaces (Lecture Notes in Mathematics) 2010th Edition Lorenz, Thomas, 2010

Nanobiophysics: Fundamentals and Applications Victor A. Karachevtsev, 2015

Neutrinos in High Energy and Astroparticle Physics José Wagner Furtado Valle, Jorge Romao, 2015

Nonequilibrium Quantum Field Theory (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics) Esteban A. Calzetta, Bei-Lok B. Hu, 2008

Novel Superfluids: Volume 1 (International Series of Monographs on Physics) Karl-Heinz Bennemann, John B. Ketterson, 2013

Novel Superfluids: Volume 2 (International Series of Monographs on Physics) Karl-Heinz Bennemann, John B. Ketterson (Editores), 2015

Nuclear Power Plant Safety and Mechanical Integrity: Design and Operability of Mechanical Systems, Equipment and Supporting Structures George Antaki, Ramiz Gilada, 2014

Odyssey of Light in Nonlinear Optical Fibers: Theory and Applications Kuppuswamy Porsezian, Ramanathan Ganapathy (Editores), 2015

On Angular Momentum (Dover Books on Physics) Julian Schwinger, 2015

Particle and Astroparticle Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology: Predictions, Observations and New Projects: Proceedings of XXXth International Workshop ... International Workshop on High Energy Physics Vladimir Alexeevich Petrov (Author, Editor), Roman Anatolievich Ryutin (Editor), 2015

Phenomenology of Ultra-relativistic Heavy-ion Collisions Wojciech Florkowski, 2010

Physics and Astrophysics of Neutrinos Masataka Fukugita, Atsuto Suzuki, 2014

Physics and Necessity: Rationalist Pursuits from the Cartesian Past to the Quantum Present Olivier Darrigol, 2014

Physics Curiosities, Oddities, and Novelties John Kimball, 2015

Plasma Physics: An Introduction Richard Fitzpatrick, 2014

Post-Planck Cosmology: Lecture Notes of the Les Houches Summer School: Volume 100, July 2013 1st Edition Cedric Deffayet, Patrick Peter, Benjamin Wandelt, Matias Zaldarriaga, Leticia F. Cugliandolo, 2015

Principles of Charged Particle Acceleration Stanley Humphries Jr., 2012

Probability on Real Lie Algebras (Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics) Uwe Franz, Nicolas Privault, 2016

Programmable Automation Technologies: An Introduction to CNC, Robotics and PLCs 1st Edition Kandray, Daniel, 2010

Quantum Mechanics for Thinkers Gennaro Auletta, Shang-Yung Wang, 2014

Quantum Mechanics, Sixth Edition Alastair I. M. Rae, Jim Napolitano, 2015

Quantum Metrology: Foundation of Units and Measurements Ernst O. Goebel, Uwe Siegner, 2015

Random Fields: Analysis and Synthesis Revised and Expanded New Edition Vanmarcke, Erik, 2010

Rapid Penetration into Granular Media: Visualizing the Fundamental Physics of Rapid Earth Penetration Magued Iskander, Stephen Bless, Mehdi Omidvar, 2015

Relativistic Quantum Mechanics: An Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Fields Luciano Maiani, Omar Benhar, 2015

Relativity Made Relatively Easy Andrew M. Steane, 2012

Scattering Amplitudes in Gauge Theory and Gravity Henriette Elvang, Yu-tin Huang, 2015

Simulations of Oscillatory Systems: with Award-Winning Software, Physics of Oscillations Eugene I. Butikov, 2015

SolidWorks for Technology and Engineering 2nd Edition Valentino, James, 2011

Statistical Mechanics and Applications in Condensed Matter Carlo Di Castro, Roberto Raimondi, 2015

Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, Sixth Edition William M. Mendenhall, Terry L. Sincich, 2015

Submanifolds and Holonomy, Second Edition (Monographs and Research Notes in Mathematics) Jurgen Berndt, Sergio Console, Carlos Enrique Olmos (Author), 2016

Symmetries and Symmetry Breaking in Field Theory Parthasarathi Mitra, 2014

Synthetic Jets: Fundamentals and Applications Kamran Mohseni, Rajat Mittal (Editores), 2014

Tensors, Relativity, and Cosmology, Second Edition Nils Dalarsson, 2015

Teoría de Riesgo / 4Ed. Diz Cruz, Evaristo, 2015

The Fiber Bundle Model: Modeling Failure in Materials (Statistical Physics of Fracture and Breakdown) Alex Hansen, Per Christian Hemmer, Srutarshi Pradhan, 2015

The Navier-Stokes Problem in the 21st Century Pierre Gilles Lemarie-Rieusset, 2016

The Wonders of Light Marta García-Matos, Lluís Torner, 2015

Thermodynamics Kept Simple - A Molecular Approach: What is the Driving Force in the World of Molecules? Roland Kjellander, 2015

Time and Consistent Relativity: Physical and Mathematical Fundamentals Lyubomir T. Gruyitch, 2015

Topological Insulators: The Physics of Spin Helicity in Quantum Transport Gregory Tkachov (Editor), 2015

Turbulence: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers Peter Davidson, 2015

Ultra-High-Density Magnetic Recording: Storage Materials and Media Designs Gaspare Varvaro, Francesca Casoli (Editores), 2016

Understanding Solid State Physics: Problems and Solutions Jacques Cazaux, 2016

Understanding Spin Dynamics Danuta Kruk, 2015

Unifying Physics of Accelerators, Lasers and Plasma Andrei Seryi, 2015

Waves and Oscillations in Nature: An Introduction A Satya Narayanan, Swapan K Saha, 2015

Why String Theory? Joseph Conlon, 2015

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Volume 34 Benjamin Bederson, Herbert Walther (Editores), 1994

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Volume 35 Benjamin Bederson, Herbert Walther, 1995

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Volume 37 Benjamin Bederson, Herbert Walther (Editores), 1996

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Volume 40 Benjamin Bederson, Herbert Walther (Editores), 1999

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Volume 41 Benjamin Bederson, Herbert Walther (Editores), 1998

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Volume 42 Benjamin Bederson, Herbert Walther (Editor de la serie), 2000

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Volume 46 Benjamin Bederson, Herbert Walther (Editores), 2001

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Volume 49 Benjamin Bederson, Herbert Walther (Series Editors), 2003

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Volume 52 Paul R. Berman B.S. Ph.D. M. Phil, Chun C. Lin (Editores), 2005

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Volume 53 Gerhard Rempe, Marlan O. Scully Ph.D. Physics M.S. Physics B.S. Engineering Physics (Editores), 2006

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Volume 54 Paul R. Berman B.S. Ph.D. M. Phil, Chun C. Lin, Ennio Arimondo (Editores), 2006

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Volume 55 Ennio Arimondo, Paul R. Berman B.S. Ph.D. M. Phil, Chun C. Lin (Editores), 2008

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Volume 57 Ennio Arimondo, Paul R. Berman B.S. Ph.D. M. Phil, Chun C. Lin (Editores), 2009

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Volume 58 Paul R. Berman B.S. Ph.D. M. Phil, Ennio Arimondo, Chun C. Lin (Editores), 2010

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Volume 59 Paul R. Berman B.S. Ph.D. M. Phil, Ennio Arimondo, Chun C. Lin (Editores), 2010

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Volume 62 Paul R. Berman B.S. Ph.D. M. Phil, Ennio Arimondo, Chun C. Lin (Editores), 2013

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Volume 63 Paul R. Berman B.S. Ph.D. M. Phil, Ennio Arimondo, Chun C. Lin (Editores), 2014

Astrobiology: Understanding Life in the Universe Charles S. Cockell, 2015

Atomic and Molecular Photoabsorption: Absolute Partial Cross Sections Joseph Berkowitz, 2015

Author and Subject Cumulative Index, Volume 39: Subject and Author Cumulative Index (Advances In Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics) Benjamin Bederson, Herbert Walther (Editores), 1998

Cross-Section Data, Volume 33 (Advances In Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics) Mitio Inokuti, Benjamin Bederson, Herbert Walther (Editores), 1994

Electron Collisions with Molecules in Gases: Applications to Plasma Diagnostics and Modeling, Volume 44 (Advances In Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics) Mineo Kimura, Y. Itikawa (Editores), 2001

Entropic Invariants of Two-Phase Flows Eugene Barsky, 2014

Entropy Generation Minimization: The Method of Thermodynamic Optimization of Finite-Size Systems and Finite-Time Processes (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Series) Adrian Bejan, 1995

Exploring the Planets: A Memoir 1st Edition Taylor, Fred, 2016

Extragalactic Jets from Every Angle (IAU S313) (Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union Symposia and Colloquia) 1st Edition Francesco Massaro, Chi C. Cheung, Ericson D. Lopez, Aneta Siemiginowska (Editores), 2015

Fundamentals of Radio Astronomy: Observational Methods (Series in Astronomy and Astrophysics) Jonathan M. Marr, Ronald L. Snell, Stanley E. Kurtz, 2015

Handbook of Enhanced Spectroscopy Marc Lamy de la Chapelle, Pietro Giuseppe Gucciardi, Nathalie Lidgi-Guigui (Editores), 2015

Introduction to Computational Models with Python (Chapman & Hall/CRC Computational Science) Jose M. Garrido, 2015

Introduction to Geospatial Technologies 3rd Edition Bradley A. Shellito, 2015

Introduction to Plasmas and Plasma Dynamics: With Reviews of Applications in Space Propulsion, Magnetic Fusion and Space Physics 1st Edition Thomas M. York, Haibin Tang, 2015

Introduction to Scientific Programming and Simulation Using R, Second Edition (Chapman & Hall/CRC The R Series) 2nd Edition Owen Jones, Robert Maillardet, Andrew Robinson, 2014

Living with the Stars: How the Human Body is Connected to the Life Cycles of the Earth, the Planets, and the Stars 1st Edition Schrijver, Karel, 2015

Low-Frequency Waves in Space Plasmas (Geophysical Monograph Series, Vol. 216) Andreas Keiling, Dong-Hun Lee, Valery Nakariakov, 2016

Parallel Computing for Data Science: With Examples in R, C++ and CUDA (Chapman & Hall/CRC The R Series) Norman Matloff, 2015

Physical Geology Today 1st Edition Damian Nance, Brendan Murphy, 2016

Plasma Harmonics 1st Edition Rashid A. Ganeev (Editor), 2014

Riesgos Químicos Henao Robledo, Fernando, 2014

Soil and Water Chemistry: An Integrative Approach, Second Edition 2nd Edition Michael E. Essington, 2015

Stochastic Analysis for Gaussian Random Processes and Fields: With Applications (Chapman & Hall/CRC Monographs on Statistics & Applied Probability) Vidyadhar S. Mandrekar, Leszek Gawarecki, 2015

Terahertz Astronomy Christopher K. Walker, 2015

Visual and Computational Plasma Physics James Jang-Yu Hsu, 2014

A Guide to Monte Carlo Simulations in Statistical Physics 4th Edition David P. Landau, Kurt Binder, 2014

A Modern Approach to Critical Phenomena 1st Edition Igor Herbut, 2010

A Modern Course in Statistical Physics 4th Edition Linda E. Reichl, 2016

A Philosophical Guide to Chance: Physical Probability Toby Handfield, 2012

A Short Introduction to Quantum Information and Quantum Computation Michel Le Bellac, 2006

Advanced Concepts in Particle and Field Theory 1st Edition Tristan Hubsch, 2015

Applied Statistics: From Bivariate Through Multivariate Techniques 2nd ed. Edition Rebecca M. Warner, 2012

Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces, Second Edition 2nd Edition Thomas F. Banchoff, Stephen T. Lovett, 2015

Electronic and Nuclear Dynamics in Molecular Systems Yuichi Fujimura, Hirofumi Sakai, 2011

Enhanced Quantization: Particles, Fields and Gravity John R Klauder, 2015

From Spinors to Quantum Mechanics Gerrit Coddens, 2015

Functional Analysis for Physics and Engineering: An Introduction Hiroyuki Shima, 2015

Fundamentals of Air Pollution, Fifth Edition Daniel Vallero, 2014

Gravity and Strings (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics) 2nd Edition Ortín, Tomás, 2015

Gravity: Newtonian, Post-Newtonian, Relativistic 1st Edition Eric Poisson, Clifford M. Will, 2014

Holographic Duality in Condensed Matter Physics Jan Zaanen, Yan Liu, Ya-Wen Sun, Koenraad Schalm, 2016

Introduction to General Relativity, Black Holes and Cosmology 1st Edition Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat, 2015

Introduction to Number Theory (Textbooks in Mathematics) 2nd Edition Anthony Vazzana, Martin Erickson, David Garth, 2016

Introduction to Spintronics, Second Edition Supriyo Bandyopadhyay, Marc Cahay, 2015

Introduction to the Theory of Critical Phenomena: Mean Field, Fluctuations and Renormalization (2nd Edition) Dimo I Uzunov, 2010

Matlab 2010 (Incluye CD) Amancio, Linder, 2014

Non-Selfadjoint Operators in Quantum Physics: Mathematical Aspects 1st Edition Fabio Bagarello, Jean-Pierre Gazeau, Franciszek Hugon Szafraniec, Miloslav Znojil (Editores), 2015

Numerical Analysis for Engineers: Methods and Applications, Second Edition (Textbooks in Mathematics) 2nd Edition Bilal Ayyub, Richard H. McCuen, 2015

Quantum Foundations and Open Quantum Systems: Lecture Notes of the Advanced School Theo M Nieuwenhuizen, Claudia Pombo, Claudio Furtado, Andrei Khrennikov, Incio A Pedrosa, Vclav pi ka (Autores y editores), 2015

Quantum Fractals: From Heisenbergs Uncertainty to Barnsleys Fractality Arkadiusz Jadczyk, 2014

Superconductivity: An Introduction 3rd Edition Reinhold Kleiner, Werner Buckel, Rudolf Huebener, 2016

Surprising Quantum Bounces (Hardcover) Valery Nesvizhevsky, Alexei Voronin, 2015

The Expanding Universe: A Primer on Relativistic Cosmology William D. Heacox, 2016

The Quantum Dice: An Introduction to Stochastic Electrodynamics (Fundamental Theories of Physics Vol. 75) Luis de la Pea, A.M. Cetto (Autores), 1995

The Quantum World of Ultra-Cold Atoms and Light: Book I: Foundations of Quantum Optics (Cold Atoms, vol. 2) Crispin W Gardiner, Peter Zoller, 2014

Ultracold Atoms in Optical Lattices: Simulating quantum many-body systems Maciej Lewenstein, Anna Sanpera, Veronica Ahufinger, 2012

Assessing the Impacts of Environmental Changes on the Water Resources of the Upper Mara, Lake Victoria Basin Fidelis Ndambuki Kilonzo, 2014

Carbon-based Superconductors: Towards High-Tc Superconductivity Junji Haruyama (Editor), 2014

Cellulose-Based Graft Copolymers: Structure and Chemistry Vijay Kumar Thakur (Editor), 2015

Chemical Degradation Methods for Wastes and Pollutants: Environmental and Industrial Applications (Environmental Science & Pollution) 1st Edition Matthew A. Tarr (Editor), 2003

Chemical Functionalization of Carbon Nanomaterials: Chemistry and Applications Vijay Kumar Thakur; Manju Kumari Thakur (editores), 2015

Copper Zinc Tin Sulfide-Based Thin Film Solar Cells Kentaro Ito (Editor), 2015

Dancing with Light: Advances in Photofunctional Liquid-Crystalline Materials 1st Edition Haifeng Yu, 2015

Functional Materials: Properties, Performance and Evaluation (AAP Research Notes on Chemistry) 1st Edition Ewa Klodzinska (Editor), 2015

Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering Second Edition 2nd Edition John K. Shultis, Richard E. Faw, 2007

Fundamentals of Radiation and Chemical Safety 1st Edition Ilya Obodovskiy, 2015

Gold Catalysis: An Homogeneous Approach (Catalytic Science Series) Toste, F Dean, Michelet, Veronique, 2014

Green Organic Chemistry and its Interdisciplinary Applications Vera M. Kolb (Author), 2016

Hydrogenation with Low-Cost Transition Metals Jacinto Sa (Editor), Anna Srebowata (Editor), 2015

Innovative Materials and Methods for Water Treatment: Solutions for Arsenic and Chromium Removal (Sustainable Water Developments - Resources, Management, Treatment, Efficiency and Reuse) Marek Bryjak, Nalan Kabay, Bernabe L. Rivas, Jochen Bundschuh (Editores), 2016

Key Chiral Auxiliary Applications, Second Edition Gregory Roos, 2014

Materials Chemistry: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Innovative Methods Klaus Friedrich, Gennady E. Zaikov, A. K. Haghi (Editores), 2016

Materials for Sustainable Energy Applications: Conversion, Storage, Transmission, and Consumption David Munoz-Rojas, Xavier Moya, 2016

Micro- and Nano-Structured Interpenetrating Polymer Networks: From Design to Applications Sabu Thomas; Daniel Grande; Uros Cvelbar; K.V.S.N. Raju; Ramanuj Narayan; Selvin Thomas, 2016

Modern NMR Techniques for Synthetic Chemistry (New Directions in Organic & Biological Chemistry) 1st Edition Julie Fisher, 2014

Molecular Electronics: An Experimental and Theoretical Approach Ioan Baldea (Editor), 2015

Molecular Nanostructure and Nanotechnology Bai,Chunli, 2016

Nanomaterial Characterization: An Introduction 1st Edition Ratna Tantra, 2016

Organic and Printed Electronics: Fundamentals and Applications Giovanni Nisato, Donald Lupo, Simone Ganz (Editores), 2016

Polymer Durability and Radiation Effects (ACS Symposium Series, Vol. 978) 1st Edition Matthew C. Celina, Roger A. Assink (Editores), 2007

Polysaccharide Hydrogels: Characterization and Biomedical Applications 1st Edition Pietro Matricardi, Franco Alhaique, Tommasina Coviello (Editores), 2015

Solving Problems with NMR Spectroscopy, Second Edition 2nd Edition Atta-ur-Rahman, Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary, Atia-tul- Wahab, 2015

Supermacroporous Cryogels: Biomedical and Biotechnological Applications Ashok Kumar, 2016

Switchable and Responsive Surfaces and Materials for Biomedical Applications (Woodhead Publishing Series in Biomaterials) Johnathan Zhang (Editor), 2015

Synthetic Biology Handbook Darren N. Nesbeth, 2016

Thin Films and Coatings: Toughening and Toughness Characterization (Advances in Materials Science and Engineering) Sam Zhang, 2015

X-Ray Diffraction for Materials Research: From Fundamentals to Applications Myeongkyu Lee (Author), 2016

Conceptions of Cosmos: From Myths to the Accelerating Universe: A History of Cosmology 1st Edition Kragh, Helge, 2007

CPT and Lorentz Symmetry: Proceedings of the Fifth Meeting V. Alan Kostelecky, 2010

Sistemas de Información: Introducción a Informática en Organizaciones Beynon-Davies, Paul, 2014

Scintillation Dosimetry (Imaging in Medical Diagnosis and Therapy) 1st Edition Sam Beddar, Luc Beaulieu (Editores), 2016

Libros adquiridos por departamento en 2015

50 Years of Quarks Harald Fritzsch (Author, Editor), Murray Gell-Mann (Editor), 2015

Advanced Biophotonics : Tissue Optical Sectioning Ruikang K. Wang; Valery V. Tuchin, 2014

Advanced Concepts in Quantum Mechanics Giampiero Esposito, Giuseppe Marmo, Gennaro Miele, George Sudarshan (Autores), 2014

An Introduction to Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis Edition: 2nd J. N. Reddy, 2015

An Introduction to Number Theory with Cryptography James S. Kraft, Lawrence C. Washington, 2013

Analysis of Complex Diseases: A Mathematical Perspective Guanyu Wang, 2013

Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science 2014 [Vol. 64] Barry R. Holsten, Wick C. Haxton, et al., 2014

Bohr: De la teoría atómica a la fí cuántica Jesús Lahera Claramonte, 2011

Chemistry of Sustainable Energy Nancy E. Carpenter, 2014

Climate Change Biology, Second Edition Lee Hannah, 2014

Convex Analysis (Textbooks in Mathematics) Steven G. Krantz, 2014

Dynamical Systems (Dover Books on Mathematics) Shlomo Sternberg, 2010

Euclides. La fuerza del razonamiento matemático Ana Millán Gasca, 2004

Fiber Amplifiers and Fiber Lasers Niloy K Dutta, 2014

General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry Michael P. Garoutte,Ashley Mahoney, 2014

Geometry from Dynamics, Classical and Quantum José F. Carinena, Alberto Ibort, Giuseppe Marmo, Giuseppe Morandi (Autores), 2014

Guía de la teoría cuántica de campos, Segunda edición corregida Bielok rov V.V; Shirkov D.V, 1991

Intermolecular and Surface Forces, Third Edition: Revised Third Edition Jacob N. Israelachvili, 2011

Light and Vacuum: The Wave Particle Nature of the Light and the Quantum Vacuum through the Coupling of Electromagnetic Theory and Quantum Electrodynamics Constantin Meis, 2014

Managing Your Biological Data with Python (Chapman & Hall/CRC Mathematical and Computational Biology) Allegra Via; Kristian Rother; Anna Tramontano, 2014

Mathematical Statistics: Basic Ideas and Selected Topics, Volume I, Second Edition Peter .J. Bickel; Kjell A. Doksum, 2015

Nuclear Physics of Stars Christian Iliadis, 2015

Optical Properties of Functional Polymers and Nano Engineering Applications Vaibhav Jain; Akshay Kokil, 2014

Partial Differential Equations: Topics in Fourier Analysis M.W. Wong, 2013

Pascal: Un genio precoz Félix García Merayo, 2010

Phase Transitions: Modern Applications (2nd Edition) Moshe Gitterman, 2013

Quantum Mechanics : A Modern Development (2nd Edition) Ballentine, Leslie E, 2014

Sam Loyd. Matemática Espectacular David Blanco Laserna, 2008

Scattering Theory of Molecules, Atoms and Nuclei Luiz Felipe Canto (Author), Mahir S Hussein (Author), 2013

Signal Processing: A Mathematical Approach, Second Edition (Monographs and Research Notes in Mathematics) Charles L. Byrne, 2014

Taming the Forces Between Quarks and Gluons - Calorons Out of the Box: Scientific Papers by Pierre van Baal [Hardcover] Pierre van Baal, Gerard 't Hooft, Chris P Korthals Altes, 2013

Theoretical Physics to Face the Challenge of LHC: Lecture Notes of the Les Houches Summer School: Volume 97, August 2011 Laurent Baulieu; Karim Benakli; Michael R. Douglas; Bruno Mansoulie; Eliezer Rabinovici; Leticia F. Cugliandolo (Editores), 2015

A Course in Real Analysis [Hardcover] Mainak Mukherjee, 2011

A Physicist's View of Matter and Mind Chandre Dharma-wardana, 2013

Active Galactic Nuclei Volker Beckmann, Chris Shrader, 2012

AdS/CFT Duality User Guide (Lecture Notes in Physics) Paperback April 2, 2015 Makoto Natsuume, 2015

Advanced Calculus (Pure and Applied Undergraduate Texts: the Sally Series) Patrick M. Fitzpatrick, 2009

Aerospace Materials Handbook Sam Zhang; Dongliang Zhao, 2013

An Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics Pankaj Jain, 2013

An Introduction to Beam Physics (Series in High Energy Physics, Cosmology and Gravitation) Martin Berz, Kyoko Makino, Weishi Wan, 2014

An Introduction to Measure-Theoretic Probability, Second Edition George G. Roussas, 2014

At the Root of Things: The Subatomic World Palash Baran Pal, 2014

Bayesian Theory and Applications Paul Damien; Petros Dellaportas; Nicholas G. Polson; David A. Stephens, 2013

Behind the Scenes of the Universe: From the Higgs to Dark Matter Gianfranco Bertone, 2014

Big Data Analytics: A Practical Guide for Managers Kim H. Pries; Robert Dunnigan, 2015

Calculus, 7th Edition James Stewart, 2012

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