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  1. Spectral analysis of anomalous capacitance measurements in interleaving structures: Study of frequency distribution in photomultipliers 
    Milián-Sánchez, V; Iglesias-Martinez, ME; Guerra-Carmenate, J; Castro-Palacio, JC; Balvis-Outerino, E; Fernández-deCórdoba, P; Muñoz-Pérez, FM; Monsoriu, JA; Sahu, S. Symmetry (2024), 16(1), art. 15.
  2. Synthesis and characterization of the graft copolymer PTFE-g-HEMA using gamma rays for the load and delivery of ciprofloxacin 
    Ramírez-Flores, BE; Bucio, E. MRS Communications (2024), 14, pp. 26–33.
  3. Measurement of the fraction of jet longitudinal momentum carried by Λc+ baryons in pp collisions 
    Cuautle, E; Nellen, L; Ortiz-Velasquez, A; Paic, G; Rosas, ED; ALICE Collaboration. Physical Review D (2024), 109, art. 072005.
  4. Characterisation of plastic scintillator paddles and lightweight MWPCs for the MID subsystem of ALICE 3 
    Alfaro, R; Alvarado, M; Bencedi, G; Cabanillas, J C; Díaz-Maldonado, M; Duarte, C; Fernandez-Tellez, A; Barnaföldi, G; Gera, A; Grabsky, V; Hamar, A; Herrera-Corral, G; Leon-Monzon, I; Martínez-García, J; Martínez-Hernandez, M I; Muñoz-Méndez, J E; Nagy, R; Narcio-Laveaga, R N; Ortiz-Velasquez, A; Rodriguez-Cahuantzi, M. Journal of Instrumentation (2024), 19(T04006), art. 13.
  5. Faraday rotation and transmittance as markers of topological phase transitions in 2D materials 
    Calixto, M; Mayorgas, A; Cordero, NA; Romera, E; Castanos, O. SciPost Physics (2024), 16(3), art. 077.
  6. Generation of heralded vector-polarized single photons in remotely controlled topological classes 
    Corona-Aquino, S; Ibarra-Borja, Z; Calderon-Losada, O; Piccirillo, B; Vicuna-Hernandez, V; Moctezuma-Quistian, T; Cruz-Ramirez, H; Lopez-Mago, D; U'Ren, AB. Physical Review Applied (2024), 21(3), art. 034030.
  7. Lorentz invariance violation and the CPT-odd electromagnetic response of a tilted anisotropic Weyl semimetal 
    Gomez, A; Dossow, RMV; Martin-Ruiz, A; Urrutia, LF. Physical Review D (2024), 109(6), art. 065005.
  8. Multiplicity and event-scale dependent flow and jet fragmentation in pp collisions at √s=13 TeV and in p-Pb collisions at √sNN=5.02 TeV 
    Jimenez, AAP; Mendez, JEM; Nellen, L; Ortiz-Velasquez, A; Paic, G; Rosas, ED; Vargas-Torres, P; ALICE Collaboration. Journal of High Energy Physics (2024), (3), art. 092.
  9. Accretion disk in the Hartle–Thorne spacetime 
    Boshkayev, K; Konysbayev, T; Kurmanov, Y; Luongo, O; Muccino, M; Quevedo, H; Urazalina, A. European Physical Journal Plus (2024), 139(3), art. 273.
  10. Entanglement-based quantum information technology: a tutorial 
    Zhang, Z; You, C; Magaña-Loaiza, OS; Fickler, R; Leon-Montiel, RJ; Torres, JP; Humble, TS; Liu, S; Xia, Y; Zhuang, Q. Advances in Optics and Photonics (2024), 16(1), pp. 60–162.